Julia: A Short Story Set In WWII Poland

Julia: A Short Story Set In WWII Poland

What choice would you have made? Julia is a new short story from Madeleine Rose Jones. Inspired from a moment in ‘Ordinary Men’, Christopher Browning’s unflinching depiction of war, ‘Julia’ is not an easy read. Nonetheless, I hope you...

From Heaven To Hell: A Short Story

I published this short story six months ago, but I ended up putting it on private. Now I’m rereleasing it! Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope you enjoy this cracker of a tale. STORY STARTS A dead body rests in the park for all the townspeople to see....

The Elixir Of Life: A Short Story

We often speculate about Lady Justice and who she represents. But what if she was in love with a man who was unjust? In “The Elixir of Life” we follow a former Nazi in Volgograd, who meets Justice. I was inspired by fantasy and legal notions of justice. I...

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