Sponsorships & Working With Snowy Fictions

Thank you for your interest in working with Snowy Fictions!

I am now open to sponsorships, and am excited to work with your company. As an entertainment blogger, I can cover the following niches:

  • Professional Services. Alot of writers and editors frequent my site, and if you offer a service relevant to that field, please get in touch.
  • Education, particularly regarding history and online education
  • Travel. I like talking about travel and how it relates to fiction. For example, I wrote a post about ‘10 Science Fiction Cities That Actually Exist.‘ I can work magic with any tour company, location, airline, booking service, hotel brand, etc)
  • Entertainment (streaming services, book publishers, cinemas, merchandise, etc)
  • Technology. My audience accesses Snowy Fictions on apps and mobiles, and tend to be aged under 45. I can cover a variety of products.

If your company is not on this list, but still think it is a good fit for Snowy Fictions, please e-mail me at snowyfictions@gmail.com.

So, why work with me? Well, here are some reasons:

  • In August, my monthly views was 3,653. My blog is growing at a rapid pace.
  • As I’m writing this, my blog typically gets 300 visitors a day.
  • My audience is typically aged between 25-44.
  • If the sponsored post can’t be linked on Reddit, I will create a backlink for it on another post that can be shown on Reddit.
  • I will not use affiliate links or ads on the sponsored posts by other companies.
  • I pride myself on being a creative and artistic person.
  • All posts are optimized for SEO by Yoast.
  • All posts can be reviewed by you before I hit that ‘publish’ button.
  • You can pick the time of day I publish it on, as well as the date (if it hasn’t been booked already)

Now onto the boring stuff….

  • My rates vary between $600-$1200. That is in USD.
  • The costs depend on depth and blog complexity.
  • The post will be written in 3-4 days. You could get a sponsored post out within a week.
  • I only work with brands that suit my viewers and their values. I am selective, so when you pitch your company please give details on how your brand can help my following.
  • I require a full payment in advance. This can be done through PayPal for security reasons. Until I get the money, I will not write the post.

So, are you ready for some serious blogging? Get in touch today at: