Snowy Fictions has exciting news! We’re now on YouTube, and will upload new content weekly. You can check our intro video here:

I am very pumped to share my ideas in video format, and discuss books, films, plays, comics and poems in depth. I’ll make video essays (around 10-20 minutes in length) on a variety of themes. My plan is to apply philosophy, history and science to works of fiction, and to discuss them with nuance and care.

A few ideas I have include:

  • Medievalism, and why we love it so much in fantasy
  • Understanding the controversies around Starship Troopers and military science fiction
  • Tragic characters like Daenerys Targaryen
  • Romanticism and Christopher Nolan
  • Applying philosophical frameworks to particular works of fiction.

I also plan to mix my essays with regular blog posts, reading lists, tailored recommendations, news and even interviews *fingers crossed*. Snowy Fictions is excited to take this next step.

Ever since it’s inception, over a year ago, this blog has celebrated liberty, author’s rights, free speech and creativity in literature. And we plan to keep that going on! If you’d like, subscribe to Snowy Fiction’s YouTube channel, or like the Facebook page for updates.

Also: I have no plans to decrease written content. Although I am inconsistent, I’ve created a blogging schedule of 3-4 times a week, and I plan to stick to it. I’m also interested in long-form content that goes into depth, covers multiple viewpoints, and provides relevant book and film recommendations.

That’s it from Madeleine! Comment below with your thoughts, any suggestions or ideas- I really appreciate feedback. Snowy Fictions is determined to last longer than any winter (except maybe Narnia’s!).

Thank you so much for support,


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