With the world in a state of panic due to COVID-19 (better known as “Coronavirus”) many of us will find ourselves in quarantine. And for some of us, we are already in it! Because of that, it is fitting to create a book list to past the time and to beat boredom. Whilst there are some terrific pandemic book lists already made, I thought I’d go for an original slant.

This is not a list of books to read- but the sort of books you should consider. Of course, I’ll give a few recommendations, so that you find your perfect read.

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Read A Book That Is Pure Fun


The human mind is preoccupied with all the horrible things that can go wrong. And in a time of a pandemic, those anxious feelings will only get worse. To be honest, that saddens me (although it is understandable). Yes, the situation right now absolutely sucks. Doesn’t mean we can’t be happy.

Because of that, I recommend a book that will bring you good feelings, joy, excitement, thrills and even laughter.

I recommend Breakfast At Tiffany’s By Truman Capote. A fun read that is also intelligent, sharp in writing and strong in character. Capote is a genius, and it’s easy to see why he’s such a legend in 20th century literature.

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Read A Book About A Magical Portal World


As I’m sure you are all aware, travel restrictions are high right now. My country, Australia, has unleashed a map that highlights countries you shouldn’t travel to. And you know what country is included? Every single country, except well, Australia. And Antarctica! Needless to say, travelling overseas is not a good idea right now.

This is absolutely brutal, as people who have spent thousands on holidays have to stay home. With the Northern Hemisphere summer coming up, the usually bustling cities of Venice and Athens will be met with silence. That’s rough.

The reason why I’m suggesting a magical portal book is because although you can’t escape overseas, you still have the world of fiction to engross your mind. My recommendation for a magical portal world book is the Narnia series by C.S Lewis.

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I love Narnia, the land of eternal winter. But it was also a place for the Pevensie children to heal bonds from sibling fighting, find their purpose and meaning in life, and triumph over evil. I think that’s the kind of story we need in our lives right now.

Of course, you can always go with Alice In Wonderland. Either way- a magical portal book is the way to go.

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Read A Book Set In Your Own Country


I love travel. Yet now is not the right time to explore the globe. So, instead of planning my next trip, or imagining all the great places to see, I’m focusing on Australia.

I’ll admit: talking about Australia can make me sad. We’ve just gone through a brutal bushfire season that left dozens dead, hundreds of homes destroyed, farmers jobless, scorches of land torched, and wildlife gone. There is also the drought, and the awful fact that we will probably enter a recession.

Yet despite all this tragedy, I know that Australia is a beautiful place with wonderful people. Although I may not have the ‘travel bug’ at the moment, I am directing my energy into appreciating what Australia has to offer. And that means, re-reading Seven Little Australians, my recommendation.

Purchase Seven Little Australians

Ethel Turner writes with such humanity and dignity, and I think that’s what we need right now. I may also read novels about the Australian Gold Rush, or Trent Dalton’s prominent release ‘Boy Swallows Universe.’

Purcahse Boy Swallows Universe

Read A Book About Political Philosophy


Epidemics shape politics in new and interesting ways. Often, politicans are under pressure to act, or use pandemics in order to implement life-altering policies. You may find that governments are using emergency powers. Needless to say, health and disease are sharply political issues. There’s a chance you won’t be comfortable with government choices, or the discourse that takes place around the disease.

My solution? Well, I can’t change any politicans mind. But I can encourage reading, because now is the time to have a strong and critical brain. Yes, the world is changing very fast, but that is no reason to leave logic behind. For my suggestion, a book that is directly about political philosophy (such as Aristotle’s Politics) or a work of fiction (like Children of Men by P. D James) is absolutely fitting.

Buy Aristotle’s Politics

Aristotle is great for attempting to answer the meaty questions that shape our political discourses. Sure- you may not agree with his answers. No problem! But the point is to get you thinking about politics in a philosophy framework. On the other hand, ‘Children of Men‘ is a perfect read for those wondering how bad a catastrophe can get.

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Now is the time for thinking minds, and political literature delivers.

Read A Book About Hope


The world is bleak right now. Things are tough, and it’s uncertain what will happen next. But I believe that we’ll get through this. The human race has survived wars, famines, tyrannies, natural disasters and yes, pandemics. We are stronger than we acknowledge. For my last suggestion, I insist on a book that gives you hope.

If you are in isolation, you’ll experience boredom, anger, loneliness, sadness, and in extreme circumstances, hunger. Yet a hopeful book has the power to motivate and get you through rough times.

My suggestion is ‘Different Seasons‘ by Stephen King. Containing 4 novellas including ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption‘ and ‘The Body‘, King writes thought-provoking commentary on the human spirit, and it’s ability to prosper.

Purchase Different Seasons

Grab the tissues- you’ll need them!


What books are you reading right now? Any suggestions for readers? Comment below!

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