To end May on a high note, I thought I will list a few creative writing prompts that will stir your inner artist. Whether you are crafting a full-length work, or are working on something smaller- I hope these creative writing prompts offer a unique perspective. You are free to post your work in the comments, or you can keep it to yourself! These prompts allow multiple interpretations and are suitable for a range of styles.

Depending on the feedback, I may make these type of posts a monthly occurance.

How To Use These Prompts

creative writing prompts- picture of a pen

These prompts work well when you have a vague or thin idea of a character. Maybe you know some of their characteristics, or have a raw idea of what sort of character you’d like to develop. If you don’t have a character- don’t despair! You can create a character based on these creative writing prompts.

What To Do If You Need More Inspiration

A picture of an Atlas
Looking at an atlas is terrific for inspiration

These prompts are bare- so if you need more inspiration, I suggest putting a keyword in the prompt in Google Images or another image search engine. You’ll get some visual stimuli for your story. It’s helped me in the past, and I’m sure it will assist you!

Other things that could help you are reading poetry, watching the news, reading a travel guide, looking through a history book, etc. There are many sources of inspiration you can draw from!

These prompts are like ribbon. They tie multiple ideas together, and will further extend and polish your ideas. I encourage people to workshop their ideas

The Eight Prompts

I hope you enjoy these! These suit speculative fiction well.

1: Your character is in Singapore, and is out shopping. The weather is hot and humid, as per usual. Snow starts to fall.

2: Your character has just discovered the cure to a type of cancer. However, they are having second thoughts about telling others.

3: Your character has vivid dreams that become true.

4: Your character looks in the mirror, and sees a much older version of themselves.

5: Your character can change one moment in history. Write a story about their decision, why they chose it and how it affected things.

6: Your character turns on the news, only to find news from the future.

7: Your character is in a restaurant, and has just finished their meal. They walk outside, only to see everyone wearing gas masks. Write what happens next.

8: Your character is on a foreign planet and is alone. The other crew members have been murdered. Suddenly, a creature runs towards you, and you put down your weapon.

So that’s it! I hope these prompts helped. I find creative writing to be hard alot of the time. Writing is a skill others take for granted, but alot of it is determination and grit. Therefore, we must work together.

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Have a good June, everyone.

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Picture: By Petar Milošević – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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