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About Snowy Fictions

Welcome to a snowy world, where literature blends with liberty. 

We launched Snowy Fictions in March 2019 after the founder, Madeleine Jones, a current history student in Australia, wanted to establish a book blog that celebrates free speech.

And thus, Snowy Fictions was born.

In a year, she’s written well over 100 blog posts and has received thousands of viewers. Best of all? She has no intention of slowing down. Madeleine aims to write more often, as free speech and liberty become paramount issues in today’s ‘cancel culture’ world.

Snowy Fictions is dedicated to provide alternatives to postmodernism and moral relativism. We do that by exploring literature. We also discuss creative writing, film and comics. There are growing sections on philosophy, history and travel, giving you a widescope of content to read and discuss.

Here you’ll find magic in both fact and fiction. One of our goals is to encourage readers to see the ‘true beauty’ in our world and history, to contrast the increasing nihilism in cultural attitudes. 

Whether that’s studying medieval cultures of Japan, or analysing the exceptional cartography of the Early Modern Europe, Snowy Fictions aims to surprise and delight you with articles and videos. 

Our readership is intellectually diverse, and our readers come from Austria to Zimbabwe. We are proud of what Snowy Fictions became, and what the future holds for us.

Come join us on our journey today by joining our mailing list. There is a spot open for you!

This blog manages to run through the generous support of donors, who support whatever amount they feel is suitable via PayPal. Other forms of income include Adsense and merchandise. If you are passionate about free speech in literature, and would like to see Snowy Fictions keep going, you can donate here. We appreciate any support. 


If you’d like to reach Madeleine Jones, you can via:


She will respond to any message within the next three business days. Please note that at this time, she is not interested in sponsored content, book reviews or lead generation. 


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