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Merchandise & The Future of Snowy Fictions

Hello, everyone!

It’s been a while, and I’ve missed you all. My busy life heated up in November, where I had so many university assignments due. And thus, I failed NaNoWriMo. Ah well, there is always next year!

Over the course of November, I also worked on merchandise. Right now I have two stores open on TeeSpring, which you can check out here.

~SnowyBookFictions : Mostly geared towards women, but perfect for any writer or book lover that wants something special. If you are a male and you see a shirt you’d like, tell me, and I’ll arrange a man’s version for you.

~Snowy Fictions: Much smaller, but has t-shirts for both men and women. I’m looking forward to seeing this shop grow. What inspires me are philosophy, animals, symbolism, and I’m excited to bring that to everyone.

I’d really appreciate it if you check these stores out, as I worked hard on aquiring these designs and would like to cover some of the costs with running Snowy Fictions. Because make no mistake about it- I’m not going anywhere!

Although my posting will probably remain infrequent, I do hope to update this blog once every fortnight at least. This will always be a personal blog, and I’m still very much passionate about artistic liberty and free speech. I strongly believe that in an age of ‘sensitivity readers’ and ‘cancel culture’, it’s important to have a strong community of individuals who do want the best for literature. Censorship is the death of good ideas, and literature should never lack philsophical wit or intellect.

2019 was the year ‘Snowy Fictions’ experimented- I tried out travel posts, wrote short stories and poems, thought out metas, researched new books to read. It was an exciting journey, and advertising Snowy Fictions was certainly a challenge! I even got banned from a subreddit for spam. Which was so stupid of me, and I do not recommend it.

Looking onwards, I am excited for 2020. Please remember that you can always give me feedback, and I am happy to hear from you guys. Always.

As a Christmas present, I will discount $USD5 off my TeeSpring stores when you use the code SNOWY123 at checkout. If you run into any problems, please tell me!

The code expires at the end of the year.

Comment below what content you’d love to see in Snowy Fictions next year!

Until then,


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