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Books To Read In 2019: What To Look Out For

What books should you read for the remaining three months of 2019?

From the new kids on the block to established literary legends, here are the novels to look out for.

They Hanged My Saintly Billy by Robert Graves

Released: 8th October, 2019

What It’s About: A British surgeon is accused of poisoning 14 people. Blending historical fiction with fact, Graves analyses journalism, crime and judgement with wit and class. That makes They Hanged My Saintly Billy a book you can’t miss.

The Cockroach by Ian McEwan

Released: 8th October, 2019

What It’s About: A cockroach is transformed into the British Prime Minister. Expect humour, Kafkaesque references, and Ewan’s own political perspective.

Salvaged by Madeleine Roux

Released: 15th October, 2019

What It’s About: A Gothic adventure like no other. Roux, known for the Asylum series, takes us on a space journey. Unfortunately, the woman and her captain’s crew are infected by an unknown parasite. With time running out, they must stop the parasite from spreading.

Old Newgate Road by Keith Scribner

Released: October 8th, 2019 for paperback, early January 2020 for other forms.

What It’s About: A literary fiction novel about three men, all doomed by the past and must strive towards a better future. Set in northern Connecticut, this is a novel about consequences, family and punishment. Because of that, Old Newgate Road promises to challenge readers.

The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern

Released: November 5th, 2019

What It’s About: Were you thrilled about The Night Circus? Great news! Morgenstern is back, with a timeless love story. We follow two lovers as they investigate an underworld full of pirates, treasures and stories. You don’t want to miss this!

Queen of Bones by Teresa Dovalpage

Released: November 12th, 2019

What It’s About: A juicy murder mystery with a Havan backdrop, Dovalpage takes us into Cuban history. It’s a rich tour-de-force of a book, with tightly plotted mysteries and secrets withheld. More than that, it’s complex and has plenty to say about nation, family and home.

The Involuntary Sojourner by S.P Tenhoff

Released: November 12th, 2019

What It’s About: A literary collection of witty and insightful short stories. Not only are they from a promising talent, but the ten stories ooze brilliance and perspective. The less said, the better. This is a book you want to feel surprised by.

That brings this list to a close for books to read in 2019. What books are you looking forward to? Comment below!

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