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The internet is currently ablaze with theories regarding ‘Dark Rey.’ For those who have not seen the recent footage for Rise of Skywalker, you can watch the trailer below.

The amount of new footage shown is slim. This is probably because Disney wants to keep their plans secret.

However, this begs the question: why reveal ‘Dark Rey?’ The obvious answer is for audience excitement. That makes alot of sense, after all! That being said, I think ‘Dark Rey’ is bait. I don’t believe that Disney have the guts to give Star Wars fans a darker version of Rey.

Making Rey a dark Sith lord would be ballsy and bold. And to be honest, I don’t think Disney have it in them to do that. When I watched The Last Jedi, I was stunned by how safe the movie was. With an overuse of MCU-like comedy and cutesy characters (porgs, BB-8, etc), it seemed that Disney was trying to attract children, not adults.

Considering a vast majority of children-targeted films by Disney aren’t risk taking, there is no reason to believe Dark Rey will happen. Like, c’mon. I don’t see Disney portraying their strong female character as a villain. And that’s a shame- because making Rey a Sith would be interesting.

I think in Rise of Skywalker, Rey will use a red lightsaber in a vision, or in an attempt to trick another character (probably Kylo Ren). For those excited about Dark Rey, I honestly wouldn’t get your hopes up.

And honestly, that’s sad. I wish Disney would take risks with their movies, even if it means upsetting fans. One of the great things about science fantasy is the possibilities. You can tell melodramatic, epic stories with dreadful consequences (Revenge of the Sith) or explore themes such as redemption (Return of the Jedi). That scope of awesome ideas is sadly not present in the sequel trilogy.

Yes, the sequel trilogy has impressive sets and new planets. However, it’s difficult to care about them. As I watched The Force Awakens, I felt so detached from the characters. I didn’t really care what happened to anyone. Also, the plot is uninspiring and the themes explored are shallow.

‘Dark Rey’ ought to be exciting, but it’s not. It feels like Disney is trying to mislead us. And I don’t think we should fall for it.

What do you think of ‘Dark Rey’? Comment below!


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