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For this month’s ‘story’ I thought about doing something different. Poetry! What I did was rewrite an old poem, workshopped it and changed some elements. The end result is a poem I’m quite proud of.

I am constantly alarmed by people’s black and white worldviews. I know I can fall into this trap myself. It is fascinating, how us humans try to bog everything down into categories of good or bad. In a world of call-out culture, Twitter mobs, calls to violence- it’s hard not to feel like Cersei Lannister, going on a walk of shame. But what if we rejected labels such as ‘good’ and ‘evil’? What if we embraced both? I’d argue that we’d be free.

Here’s the graphic I made for Instagram:

If you struggle to read the poem, here’s a text version:


How sad to see the world painted only in black and

I see blue and orange,
I see darkness mixed with light,
I see highlights and dark areas.
I see complexity and ambiguity,
I see you and me in all our colourful glory.
I see a man in conflict and amongst violence,
trying to find inner peace.
I see a desperate soul going to severe measures
to save the day.
I see people trying to survive,
I see people seeking to thrive.

There’s a world that exists outside of good and evil.
It’s a world which I hope that others realize existed
since primeval.

I’m a painter, my canvas is this galaxy.
I will not bore the viewer,
by brushing strokes that are solely black or white.
I like mixing those colours into a grey.
I paint people with their stories,
and objects with character.
Colours adorn my page:
blue, yellow, red, pink, purple, brown, silver and gold.

I see the universe in its eccentric self.

How happy it is to see the world painted in rainbow colours!


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