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As I stated in a previous blog post, music can be an awesome tool to inspire writing. Adding onto that, studies have shown that music can benefit your health. Awesome! Because of that, I think a blog post about the pieces of music that will inspire creative writing is a great idea. So, let’s get into it!

Note: All of these tracks are instrumental, with some having choral sounds.

Carol of the Bells ~ Lindsey Stirling

A picture of the musician Lindsey Stirling, whose work will inspire your creative writing.

‘Carol of the Bells’ is a well-known piece of music and there have been many terrific renditions. However, I love this version by Lindsey Stirling- she’s extremely talented and artistic. This music is dreamy and melancholic- it echoes both the heartbreak and happiness associated with Christmas Day. Because of that, I believe Stirling’s rendition is wrought with history and deeper meanings. It’s a fantastic piece of music to listen to whilst writing.

You can watch Lindsey’s music video here:

The Captain’s Dance ~ Marcus Warner

I don’t know why, but this music conjures steampunk Victorian music of antique pub brawls and shipwrecked dreams. It’s a song that makes you want to dance and cheer at the same time. Warner’s style is beautiful and evocative, and perfect for the characters who deserve to smile under the light of a dusky old lamp.

1812 (Overture) ~ Tchaikovsky 

a picture of napoleon. music creative writing.

Does this piece of music that is so epic and drenched in history- need an introduction? It’s absolutely perfect for those who are writing about Russia, France, Germany or anything involving warfare and cannons. There is so much fierce badassery in this music, that I can’t stop talking about it.

What’s a hard choice for me is picking which version to recommend. Because of that, I chose my personal favourite!

The Imperial Suite ~ Michael Giacchino

Star Wars has fantastic music to stir up your creative writing juices.

The Star Wars series has had some electrifying musical moments- yet it’s this take on The Imperial Suite that has me writing. It’s absolutely perfect music for those looking to write an evil empire or a military faction. Whereas The Imperial March is a classic, this Suite is it’s edgy and rebellious cousin.

Light of the Seven ~ Ramin Djawadi

This feels like a cliche! However, I’m going to stick by it. Djawadi really knocked it out of the part with “Light of the Seven”, the gorgeous music piece featured in the season six finale of Game of Thrones.

Don’t believe me? Listen to it for yourself.

Prophecies ~ Philip Glass

I don’t know why- but this music makes me want to write intricate spy stories, or absurd fantasy tales. This is prime creative writing music- it has assisted me in many of my stories. That being said, Philip Glass’ work is terrific to listen to. It’s haunting in the most beautiful way I could think of.

So there you have it! Some creative writing music to help your literary juices flow! In the comments below, write what pieces of music assist you with your creative writing.

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