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I like Stranger Things– and even though it’s far from perfect, I am looking forward to Stranger Things Season Three. Why? Because I like binge-worthy tv shows, and the Netflix formula may not suit every show, but I think it works well for Stranger Things.

If you haven’t already, check out the trailer:

As we can tell from the trailer, Stranger Things Season Three looks promising: epic moments, heartfelt relationships, character journeys and a nice soundtrack. There’s little emphasis on the horror side of Stranger Things– ‘the monster’ or Demogorgon is hardly shown here. Because of that, I don’t think the ending of Season Two has much dramatic weight. I think that’s a shame, because Stranger Things does horror really well.

A picture of the cast in season 3 of stranger things.
The gang returns in Season Three of Stranger Things

An example of this is the chilling and claustrophobic hunt scene in Season 2, Episode 8 (which sadly resulted in Bob’s death). I thought the tension in that scene was incredible. Because of that, I hope season 3 offers many tense and nerve-racking moments.

So, what are some other things I’d like to see? Well, the answer to that question is easy. Stranger Things triumphs when it focuses on the psychology of the characters, and figures out what motivates each individual. The journey of Will Byers is fantastic for this reason, with Season 2 offering a rewarding insight into the world of trauma.

El Hopper’s uncertainity about belonging and her angst regarding her father figures make good drama. The writers of Stranger Things know that we love these characters. However, Stranger Things Season Two sadly featured a petty Max and El rivalry that fizzled (and just made Eleven look cruel) that detracted from Eleven’s impact as a character. Going forward, it looks like Max and Eleven are closer and are on friendly terms with each other. This is terrific- because we are watching a show that has monsters in it. Therefore, time spent on petty drama is time wasted.

Max and El in Stranger Things Season Three
Petty drama is lame.

Another strong element of Stranger Things is mystery. There’s still alot we don’t know about the creatures. Because of that, I must commend the show’s ability to keep the audience guessing. This is because Stranger Things spends time on the things we care about- the rich characters and relationships, and doesn’t make the monsters the central focus.

I’d glad we are seeing more of Steve being friendly with the boys. That was the most enjoyable part of season two for me.

For the show going forward- I suggest that the writers create a strong plan about where they want to take the show. Are we getting five seasons? Or four? How about seven? I’m asking these questions because planning never hurts a show. Adding onto that, when writers take the time to plan things out- it creates a sharpness to the text. A problem I had with Stranger Things season 2 was that some filler- particularly the Nancy and Jonathan subplot- drained the show a bit. However, the good news is that didn’t ruin the show!

What also interests me is how Stranger Things will end in Season 3. At first, it seems predictable: the monster threat will only increase. Our beloved characters will once again be in danger. However, I hope Netflix subverts audience expectations and offers something fresh. Despite both seasons of Stranger Things being strong, I don’t find their endings to be memorable. Therefore, what must happen in Stranger Things Season Three is challenging the traditional monster narrative. If this season ends with a party whilst a monster roars in the background, I’ll be disappointed.

Stranger Things Season Three- Steve with a co-worker!
Looks to be a treat!

To conclude this post, I have great confidence that Netflix will continue their success with Stranger Things. With it’s pop-culture fused aesthetic, bright colours, terrific characters, amazing soundtrack and horrific beats- Stranger Things Three will continue the line of successful seasons. That being said, I’m not sure it can sustain. Through a strong sense of structure and direction, I am confident that Stranger Things Season Three will be a sight to behold.

What do you think will happen in season 3? Your thoughts? Comment below, I’d love to read your ideas!

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