Cinema Rainbow: A Movie For Every Colour

What colour is your favourite movie?

“Color has a meaning and it makes the film more easily understood.” —

Michiyo Yasuda

What’s remarkable about cinema is how vivid it is. Bright colours adorn the landscapes, whatever its genre. Yet there are some movies that are associated with a single colour. So, here is a cinema rainbow for those who want to soak into a gorgeous colour palette.

Note: This cinema rainbow doesn’t contain any descriptions- I’ll leave it to your imagination about what each colour symbolizes!

White – American Psycho (2000)

White is the colour of perfection and purity. That being said, it’s also the colour of artifical reality.

Green – A Little Princess (1995)

Green represents balence and growth, as well as the earth and money.

Yellow – Life of Pi (2012)

Yellow is the color of the intellect and mind. It is optimistic and cheerful. That being said, it can also suggest impatience, criticism and cowardice.

Orange – Sunshine (2007)

The color orange represents social communication and optimism. However, it also is a sign of pessimism and superficiality.

Red – Cries & Whispers (1972)

Red symbolizes energy, passion, action, ambition and determination. Adding onto that, it is also the color of anger and sexual passion.

Pink – The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

The girlish colour pink is associated with nurture and unconditional love.

Purple – Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Purple represents royalty and the imagination.

Blue – My Neighbor Totoro

Blue represents trust, loyalty, and peace, but also sorrow and depression.

Black – Dogville (2003)

The colour of the hidden and the mysterious, black represents deep secrets.

Gray – Arrival (2016)

Gray is the colour of compromise and of blending two extremes together.


What movies do you associate with certain colours? Have you seen the above movies? Comment below, I’d love to read your thoughts!

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