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I’m Writing Short Stories, And Soon You Can Read Them

Exciting news from this writer!

Taking that creative writing class was a good decision, because I now have the confidence to publish my stories online. Whether I am writing science fiction or realistic dramas, I hope to provoke thought and deep emotions.

I’m also working with a professional editor to make sure the stories are high quality. Each story that I will publish will be around 1,000-3,000 words, and will be posted on this blog.

As I am paying for an editor and stories take a while to write, I will leave a tip jar or my Paypal for gratitudes. I thought about a paywall or a membership program, but I don’t think that’s suitable for a site that’s just starting out. I also don’t want people to pay for an inferior product, I want people to decide for themselves what my stories are worth. After all, $2 a month may just be a spare coin for some, but to others- that’s their bus fare. You are under no obligation to give me money, and I will never guilt-trip anyone.

I’m still developing my voice as a writer- there is alot I have to learn. I think publishing short stories, and finding out what resonates with people will help forge the courage required to write a full length book.

I have a few copyright issues to sort out, as well as finding a way to protect my stories. My editor will get back to me in a few days time, and that’s when I can start revisions.

The goal I am striving towards is 12 short stories every year, so one per month. I’m going to take great care in constucting stories, and I hope to experiment with a variety of genres and styles.

What do you think of my plan? Comment below! Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

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