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As someone who lives in Sydney, Australia- I see blog posts this time of the year about summer and beach holidays. Whereas down under, it’s actually getting cooler. I thought it would be a terrific idea to write a blog recommending stories for every season- Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter. Either way, enjoy!

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Flowers, fashion, longer days, picnics… and a new rekindled sense of hope. Spring is associated with glory, beauty, conviction and love. But ultimately, spring is about hope. Why? Because it’s what got you through the previous 3 seasons. For this one, I wanted to pick a genre that was full of characters determined to reach ‘Spring.’ And you know what? Children’s Literature is terrific for this, as are traditional fairytales. The protagonist goes through trials, and at the end (most of the time) are met with a satisfying ending.

A good start is reading anything by Roald Dahl. I like The Witches.

For those who’d like a movie to watch that isn’t children’s literature, how about revisiting The Shawshank Redemption? I also recommend comedies, or anything that makes you laugh. For me, that’s Shrek.


Beaches, festivals, parties, cocktails, holidays… summer is a season that many desire. However, I’ve always associated the balmy skies and nights of eating fish and chips outdoors to have an underlying of angst. Summer reminds people of the ways they are inadequate. If you’re not invited to the many parties, you are reminded of how little friends you have. If your body is not beach-ready, then you are reminded of that.

So now we have established that summer is an angsty season, so why not engage with some heavy literary fiction? From Jeffrey Eugenides’s ‘The Virgin Suicides to a rewatch of Breaking Bad, read fiction that reminds you of the inadequacies we often feel too much of.

For those who want something a bit brighter, I recommend the films ‘Before Sunrise, Before Sunset & Before Midnight.’ They are really pleasant, well made movies.

The next season of Stranger Things looks to be summer-themed.

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In Autumn, check out crime and mystery novels! Why? Because autumn is the season that signifies change and preparation. Autumn is also the season for intelligence: as winter is coming, we need sharp brains who know how to prepare the lands for the coming weather. Because of that, a good autumn book is one that makes you think, shocks you and makes you question things.

Does any genre do that better than a mystery or a piece of crime fiction?

For mystery media, check out BBC’s “Killing Eve” for some fun and for thrills, and for those who want to read- check out “The Dry” by Jane Harper. For those who’d like to read a graphic novel, I recommend “From Hell” by Alan Moore.


Winter can be tough, and you must preserve through it. Winter is often associated with death and melancholy. Because of that, I think reading fantasy and science fiction during winter is the perfect idea! Who doesn’t want to get cozy and get lost in a fantasy world? However, a hallmark of the fantasy genre are individuals who battle death-like figures. Meanwhile, science fiction leads must conquer complex demons born of melancholy and misery. Sometimes, the demon is you or someone you love.

To put it metaphorically- characters have to go through their own winter. That’s why the media I will recommend may cause a few tears.

Good movies to watch during the winter are both Blade Runner movies, and the Wim Wenders film “Wings of Desire.” As for books (besides Harry Potter, Narnia & A Song Of Ice And Fire) I recommend Roadside Picnic” by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.

For those who want a non-fiction recommendation- check out The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Warning: it is heartwrenching.

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So there you have it! Genres for every season. What books do you like reading during certain times of the year? Comment below with your thoughts, I’d love to read them!

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