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Welcome to “Snowy Fictions.” My name is Madeleine and I love all things literature. This blog is dedicated to the wonderful fictions that are found in novels, comics, films, tv shows and poems. I’ll post reviews and critical pieces, as well as the occassional personal post about my writing process.

As I write this in the year of 2019, I am struck by the way literature has evolved over time. How has history influenced the stories being told? Do fictional worlds represent the real one that we live in? How do authors develop their ideas and portray the variety of human experiences? Like any question that’s worth asking, the answer is never easy to understand. I believe literature is key to understanding the machinery of the world and humanity itself. We may not always like what we observe, but without acknowledging the ugliness- we can never grow or challenge ourselves.

As a critic, I vow to always be respectful, diligent and transparent. I have no tolerance for spiteful or mean-spirited reviews, and every word I write will be dripped with honesty. Writing is hard work- and I hope that through this blog, I promote an appreciation for literature and those who produce it. I believe that books can be a tool for change and that language is a weapon within itself.

I hope you enjoy my blog, and I look forward to discussing literature with you. I am excited to see my ideas and yours develop further, and to contribute something great to ongoing discussions about literature.


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